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To give you the power to reward those who create real news, insights, and entertainment.

Let's consciously support good people and good work instead of being sucked into spammy feeds, clickbait, and misinformation.


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Every 4 weeks, $4 is split among creators you tipped.

Tip only one article and its author gets all $4. Tip four and it's split four ways, $1 each. Like sharing pie!

It's free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I tip a website?

The simple answer is that at the end of your billing period, they'll receive a portion of your subscription depending on the number of creators you tipped. If you tipped four creators total, then each gets $1 ($4 / 4 creators).

The more complex answer is that we may not know who the creator of the content is. A team member will investigate, identify the creator(s) and reach out to get them signed up for Superego if they aren't already. We'll also take into account any specific creator you called out. For example, you may have said that you want the tip to go to the author of an article (Jane Doe) but not the publisher (The Aardvark Times).

If we aren't able to identify the creator or they aren't eligible to collect the tip, we'll split your tips among the remaining creators. Continuing the example, instead of splitting between four creators, we split $4 between three.

What happens when I report a website?

You can report a website for a variety of reasons:

  • Clickbait Headline
  • Factual Errors
  • Misleading by Omission
  • Plagarism
  • Intrusive Ads

When you report a website, our team will review your submitted "evidence & reasoning". If approved, depending on the severity of the report, we will deduct a portion of all tips for the website.

For example, we may approve reports that Joe's article titled "We can reduce cancer by 90% by changing our diets" is clickbait and has factual errors regarding the effects of carbohydrates and exaggerates the efficacy of diet change. We may assess a 50% deduction in tips. If Joe is eligible for $500 worth of tips from users, we'll deduct half, $250, from his payout, and continue to do so until corrections have been made.

What happens to the half of each tip that was deducted from Joe? It's spread between each user's other tip recipients. If they originally tipped Joe's site and one other, after the deduction, Joe's site will receive $2.50, and the other site $7.50. If not for the report, the split would have been $5 each.

I was tipped. How do I collect my tips?

Your readers and viewers appreciate you and so do we! To collect your tips, you will need to sign up for a free Superego account. No subscription necessary. From there, go to the Creator Dashboard and follow the instructions.

Keep creating great content!

How does Superego make money?

We take a cut: $1 for the $5 subscription. It goes towards:

  • Building a team working to make the whole internet tippable.
  • Building a team to review reports that users submit.
  • Bank and credit card transaction fees.

We don't make money from ads. We aren't in cahoots with any publishers. And, because we don't make more money the more sites you tip, we won't be vying for your precious attention like all the spammy feeds out there.

We're Listening

Made it this far? As a brand new service in beta, we want to hear from you! Please send thoughts, ideas, and feedback to